Cannabis factory


The Cannabis industry being very young in Quebec, we are here to help you make your mark in the market and support your development. Our biochemist and the rest of our team will ensure that you have optimal installations and that you are ready to start your activities.

We use specialized products for cannabis resin, highly recommended for organic and ecological production.

We can guarantee you a high standard of quality because of our multidisciplinary team whose knowledge makes it possible to create an efficient working method that respects industry standards (HACCP, BRC, SQF, PDA and PNEH).

Ménagez-Vous specializes in developing programs that comply with good cleaning practices in the food industry (GMP):

  • Development of an adequate daily hygiene program to prevent product contamination:
    • Detailed procedures for cleaning manufacturing facilities and equipment
    • Procedures concerning the frequencies and methods of cleaning production lines
  • Cleaning and sanitation of factories, equipment and administrative offices
  • Overhead cleaning of pipes, ceilings, duct systems, piping, support structures and HVAC systems.
  • Elimination of allergens
  • Rehabilitation service (emergency support, removal of mold and post-construction cleaning)
  • PNEH - Standard operating procedures relating to hygiene (analyzes, improvement and training)
  • Management and writing of HACCP, BRC and SQF prerequisites
  • Personalized health and safety programs for each site
  • Timely production start-up assurance
  • Human resources management and continuous employee training
  • Rigorous keeping of the various registers

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