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At Ménagez-Vous, we specialize in large-scale pressure washing projects.

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Our specialty, your peace of mind

  • Pressure washing of building exteriors (high-level)
  • Pressure washing of walls, ceilings and interior structures
  • Graffiti pressure washing
  • Pressure washing of stains and dirt on outdoor floors
  • Pressure washing of industrial areas
  • Multi-surface degreasing
  • Preliminary visit to develop a complete cleaning schedule and estimate
  • Mobilization of specialized manpower and equipment
  • Delivery of lifting equipment (if required)
  • Implementation of health and safety rules
  • Professional, thorough cleaning of targeted surfaces
  • Routine inspections and constant communication with customers
  • Evaluation and final approval of work
  • Demobilization of manpower, specialized equipment and lifting gear

Why Ménagez-Vous

Choosing Ménagez-Vous means opting for much more than a housekeeping service. It means choosing comfort, efficiency and quality.

Professional expertise
Save valuable time
Healthy and pleasant environment
Flexibility and customization
Trust and peace of mind

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From regular cleaning to specialized maintenance and security, our dedicated team is here to meet your needs.

Cleaning services

We offer professional, meticulous housekeeping tailored to your specific needs.
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We offer service by qualified agents to ensure the safety of your installations and your peace of mind.
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Specialized technical services for complete and optimal building management.
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Since 1986, we've been working together towards a single common goal: to offer you a complete range of cleaning and maintenance services.

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