A family business from mother to son.



A family business

It was in Montreal, in 1986, that President Paule Marquis founded Ménagez-Vous with her partner at the time. Together, they cared for their customers with great dedication, offering the impeccable customer service and high-quality housekeeping services for which the company is renowned today.

Today, Ménagez-Vous is a family business. In 2019, the company was bought out by Paule's two sons, Félix and Maximilien, and moved to the North Shore of Montreal in the town of Mascouche in 2021.

Excellence in cleaning services

Our foundation is based on intangible values that define who we are and guide our every action. Our values define the way we work, motivating us to always strive for excellence while putting the customer and our employees at the center of our concerns.


We are driven by a deep-seated enthusiasm for delivering exceptional service.


Quality is in our DNA. We believe that every service must be delivered with precision and excellence.


We value diversity, transparency and ethics in our business relationships, creating an environment where everyone is respected and valued.


Humanity guides our global approach. We see each customer as an individual with unique needs and desires.


Every team member is dedicated to giving their best, overcoming challenges and persevering to ensure our services exceed expectations.


Trust is the foundation of our relationships, whether with customers, partners or employees.

Our mission is to offer you maximum peace of mind

At Ménagez-Vous, our primary commitment is to meet the specific needs of our customers with unrivalled quality of service.

Training programs

We offer our employees and managers training specific to each of the company's divisions.

Quality control

We mobilize dedicated quality control teams, deployed in the field to meticulously inspect the work performed by our teams.

Our services

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Cleaning services

We offer professional, meticulous housekeeping tailored to your specific needs.
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Specialized and occasional services

We offer targeted and punctual service, efficiently meeting your specific requirements.
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We offer service by qualified agents to ensure the safety of your installations and your peace of mind.
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Technical services

Specialized technical services for complete and optimal building management.
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Answers to your questions!

We've put together some answers to commonly asked questions to help guide you through your experience with our company. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to provide you with all the information you need, and to offer you complete assistance.

Ménagez-Vous offers a complete range of services divided into 4 main categories: housekeeping, specialized and occasional maintenance, technical services and security services. These services can be provided in any industry, from commercial to pharmaceutical, construction and many others.

We do not offer housekeeping services in occupied residential dwellings. However, we do offer common area maintenance in high-rise condominiums and post-construction cleaning of new, unfurnished residential units.

Depending on the nature of the services we provide to our customers, we employ a number of employees with different skills cards: ASP card (safety on construction sites), card for aerial work platforms, BSP permit (safety officers) or CCQ cards (labourers, carpenters, etc.).

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Since 1986, we've been working together towards a single common goal: to offer you a complete range of cleaning and maintenance services.

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