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Our sanitation service in the agri-food industry

At Ménagez-Vous, we've had the advantage of working in the food industry for many years, which enables us to stand out for our thoroughness, our responsiveness, our bonds of trust with our customers, and above all, the quality of the work we do.

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A hygienic and safe environment

    • Specialized sanitation manpower support: we can provide the necessary manpower while leaving our customers free to manage day-to-day operations. Our food foremen can help at the start of a mandate to integrate workers into the team and procedures already in place.


    • Partial management: take charge of sanitation activities in certain sections of the factory. We assign workers and team leaders to the targeted sections, and work in collaboration with our customers' supervisors and quality control team.


    • Complete, integrated management: we take charge of sanitation activities for the entire factory. We integrate a complete management team, draw up a customized hygiene program, ensure food safety control, and take charge of the dismantling and reassembly of production equipment.


    • One-off pre-operational cleaning: we provide pre-operational cleaning for your new factories, using our specialized teams and equipment. We work quickly to meet your deadlines and production schedules.
  • Food safety (HACCP): in collaboration with our customers' quality control teams, we carry out visual, pre-operational and ATP surface checks.


  • Our work teams all have access to training specific to the agri-food industry: good manufacturing practices, HACCP processes, WHMIS, health and safety in the food environment, first-aid courses, maintenance of specialized machinery, etc.


  • We ensure the safety of our workers by wearing mandatory PPE, adopting color codes and internal rules specific to each customer, and making sure that our workers are fully conversant with each piece of cleaning or production equipment and the related safety instructions.

Our food management teams are structured to ensure constant availability, fluid and rapid communication, and efficient service in a managed environment.

  • Account managers: Responsible for contract management, our account managers liaise with our customers' management, human resources and quality control teams. They are involved in weekly and monthly meetings.


  • Food foremen: At the start of new contracts, our foremen ensure the smooth integration of our technicians into the plant with the teams and procedures already in place at our customers' sites. They also provide ongoing training for our workers.


  • Food supervisors: Our supervisors ensure the day-to-day monitoring of sanitation operations at our customers' sites, optimizing the human and material resources available on a daily basis. They are familiar with all the procedures and tasks to be carried out, so they can make replacements if necessary. They ensure that registers are completed and control tests carried out.


  • Team leaders: Our team leaders direct and coordinate the day-to-day work of our technicians, as well as performing sanitation work themselves. They are on site full-time and work in close collaboration with our supervisors and food foremen.

Ménagez-Vous has the great advantage of having on its team a trained biochemist who understands the constraints of the food industry and can help create customized maintenance programs. In addition to our specialized maintenance quotations, we have in place ongoing training programs to keep our technicians up to date with food industry cleaning protocols, methods, products and equipment.

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