Stripping and Waxing floor

At Ménagez-vous, we dedicate ourselves to keeping your floors in perfect condition. We guarantee the stripping of your waxed floors in Montréal and area in order to let you keep them looking their best. Over time, heavy traffic leads to the accumulation of dirt that gets embedded in your waxed floors and makes them lose their beautiful appearance.

Don’t let the image of your business be tarnished by damaged floors. Trust the stripping of your tile, vinyl, or linoleum floors to us. These surfaces are strong and durable, but they need appropriate maintenance and protection to keep their shine. Our specialized team will give a second life to your floors at a very competitive price, and will give a beautiful look back to all your surfaces. First, we strip away the old wax with the aid of our unscented, eco-friendly products and eliminate all dirt. After they’ve been stripped, your floors are ready to receive a brand new wax coating, which will make them look as good as new and be easier to maintain.

Once the stripping has been carried out and all the dirt has been removed, Ménagez-vous gives a second life to your floors by waxing them. We’ve dealt with waxed surfaces for over 25 years, and our specialists will restore your floors to their original lustre. We begin by analyzing the surface to be treated in order to determine the proper waxing technique. We then apply several layers of an odourless wax, letting each layer dry for the necessary amount of time. Finally, we move on to the high-speed polishing that allows the wax to harden and keep its shine. It also makes your floors more resistant to daily wear and tear and impacts, and gives them a glossy and stylish look.

At Ménagez-vous, we respect the maintenance guidelines that are essential for keeping your floors in good condition over the years: we only use neutral soap to clean them, and we never move furniture or heavy objects without taking the necessary precautions to protect your floors. Together, let’s give life back to your floors!

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