Elevated cleaning (Skyjack)

Don’t know who to call to clean your hard-to-reach surfaces? At Ménagez-vous, we possess the know-how and the complete range of equipment necessary for cleaning your ceilings and all your elevated surfaces.

Our team of specialists serves greater Montréal at competitive prices. We begin by making an advanced analysis of the layout of the space to develop an installation plan for our equipment, in order to guarantee an efficient cleaning process while respecting safety standards. We also determine the types of cleaning products to use and plan a work schedule with you. Furthermore, our staff is regularly trained and mindful of safety guidelines, since these are reiterated by the team leaders before each new mission.

We may serve you with ropes, or use scaffolding, cherry pickers, battery-operated lifts, and, of course, harnesses and any other related safety accessory that might be necessary.

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