Large surface cleaning

Cleaning services for large areas

At Ménagez-vous, we are experts in the maintenance of large areas requiring extensive cleaning due to their intensive use. We develop a maintenance plan that includes various cleaning operations depending on the types of surfaces that have to be treated. We vacuum, wash, degrease, dry and polish the floors, and dust and clean the walls and pillars.

When the configuration of the premises allows it, we use a high pressure cleaner with a mixture of air and water. We degrease and disinfect all the surfaces that are the subject of numerous contact with the hands: worktops, desks, shelving, door handles, switches, trolleys, stair railings, buttons and elevator ramps, etc. Finally, we wash, degrease and polish all glass surfaces such as windows, panes, glass doors, display cases, boards and mirrors.

Our teams of specialists operate throughout the greater Montreal. Contact us for a free estimate, we guarantee impeccable service at competitive prices!

How does ménagez-vous offers the best expertise in cleaning services of shopping centers and public areas?

Simply because we provide our shopping centers and public areas with our know-how to provide cleaning services that meet your expectations and are required by these highly frequented places.

The cleaning services for commercial shops require a particular set-up, especially in terms of material and human resources, but also and above all because such a job requires taking into account the hygiene constraints related to high attendance of the public.

Our vast experience allows us to be aware of this importance of hygiene. This is why the supervision of our teams and the methods applied allow our customers to enhance their installations.

What's our approach in terms of large areas cleaning services?

We know that the maintenance of commercial spaces is very important, even strategic. Particularly for establishments that sell food: clean and enhanced installations is better to be able to meet customer requirements and make them confident about their choices.

Thus, our business contributes to giving a positive image of shopping centers. For each of our interventions, we guarantee healthy and impeccable spaces, cleaned in the greatest discussion.

  • Hygiene is essential in places welcoming the public. Degradation, dirt and dust naturally generated by the community, contain and develop bacterias.
  • The cleanliness of public places and large areas is a source of respect for the people who frequent these places. A dirty, poorly maintained and degraded place is unattractive.
  • Cleanliness is a fundamental axis of customer satisfaction. This is why Ménagez-Vous helps you retain and satisfy your customers.

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